Stock Cash Basic

In this service we provide Our Clients with stock tips with accurate stock tips which drives them to profit. Calls are given for NSE Stock Cash Traders. You can also avail Free Stock Tips for one day to test our accuracy and should subscribe with us after getting satisfied only. We give the calls with well tested SMS system which delivers the calls to you instantly so that you get enough time to enter the trade and achieve all the targets given in the call.

Service Features:

  • Basic Service charges worth Rupees 27000 / per 3 Months.
  • Per day 2-3 calls provides to you.
  • The Target REACHING Timing is 3-4 hours in a Day .

Safe Research provides Assurance & Commitment of Benefits of Services at Quality and In Terms of Legal Structure .

Our key Factors are:
  • Follow Up will provides to you by the highly Qualified and experience personality.
  • We will provide to you Share Market News and Analysis Tips to you.
  • We also provides services Extends Benefits to the clients.
  • We provides the Ninty Trend ,Resistance & Support.
  • Global trends and Market Updated.
  • We provides Support and Follow up on your mobile with message

Stock Cash Basic